Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our contractors and the users of our systems, and to achieve more complete and well functioning services. We show co-operation already at the definition of the functional needs and in choosing the proper devices and solutions. 

This could be a shop, a big supermarket, a hall, an exhibition area, a sport facility or a representative hotel, conference centre, open-air facilities or monument buildings such as churches or museums, contractors, institutions, operating companies, government establishments and private persons.

All you need to do, is to agree with only one company, with VEGASSY LTD. and we design and implement the completelow-voltage electrical, security and alarm systems


  • evacuation and PA systems
  • structured net
  • intrusion detection system and CCTV
  • conference, interpreter systems (wired and wireless)
  • press conferences, sound and video systems, light fittings of events
  • video, central TV antenna systems
  • educational, and audio-visual (AV) systems
  • home movie and multiple zone sound system