Our Services

Our company offers a full range implementation of low voltage systems execution for our clients. Our primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers. 

We take responsibility and guarantee for our work and implementations.


Cégünk teljes körű gyengeáramú kivitelezést kínál az egyre bővülő ügyfélköre számára. Elsődleges célunk megrendelőink elégedettsége, ezért munkavégzésünket az igényesség, precizitás jellemzi. Az általunk elvégzett munkára felelősséget és garanciát vállalunk.


We are working only with premium quality, first class products, eg: G+m, BOSCH, BOSE, SENNHEISER, AKG, GBL, NEC, PANASONIC, HITACHI, SONY, NEOVO etc.

Among our services are regular or temporary maintenance services, that also apply for systems that were not installed by our company.

Making the „Maintenance Contract” brings you more advantages, because apart from the temporary professional servicing, the field-work and the wages are charged with a discount price and the servicing materials that are needed are ensured.

The Vegassy Ltd. keeps always up-to-datewith the most modern techniques and installs them in all projects.

Our goal is to find the best solutions for everybody at a European standard, and provide modern installations at a reasonable price.